Noel Etoilé

le 01 novembre 2020 - Recetas



– 180g Cooked sweet dough

– 60 g Brown sugar

– 40 g Clarified butter

– 30 g Cocoa butter

– 20 g Couverture white Succession 31%

– 1 Lemon


1.  Roll the cooked sweet dough, add the brown sugar, the lemon zest, the butters and the chocolate.

2.  Mould into round shafts, pressing all together.
3.  Set aside in the fridge.

Soft cocoa cookie (Two papers)


-125g Butter

– 130 g Caster sugar

– 95g Almond paste 50%

– 120g Flour

– 20g Cocoa powder Cémoi

– 2g Baking powder

– 100g Milk


1. Sift the powders together.

2. Soften the butter, add the caster sugar, the almond paste, the eggs, one by one, the powers and the warm milk.

3. Shape in 4cm diameter half-sphere.

4.Bake at 170°C

Creamy- raspberry coulis (sphère of 4 cm diameter)


– 260g Rasberry puree

– 4g Starch

– 20g Caster sugar


1. Warm the puree at 40 °C, add the mix sugar and starch ; bring the mixture to a boil.

 2. Shape and put the soft cocoa cookie on top. Put in the freezer.



–  90g Egg white

– 70 g Inverted sugar

– 100 g Glucose


1.Bring all the ingredients at 45°C and beat with a whisk.



– 150g liquid cream

– 1 Orange (Zest)

-1 Lemon (Zest)


1. Heat up the combined ingredients, let it sit for 30mn covered.

2. Filter.

Light citrus mousse


– 135g Infusion

– 6g Gelatine powder

-30g Cold water

-55g Couverture white Succession 31%

-55g Meringue

-250g Whipped cream


1. Bring to a boil a quarter of the infusion, add the hydrated gelatine, the couverture and stir.

2. Cool down to a room temperature, add the meringue and the whipped cream. Use right away.

White chocolate icing mass


– 30g Cocoa butter Cémoi

– 30g Grape seed oil

-55g Couverture white Succession 31%


1. Melt the cocoa butter with the Couverture white, add the oil.

2. . Use at 35°C.

Crémeux parfumé


– 115g Milk

– 115g Liquid cream

– ½ Vanilla bean

– 1 Orange (Zest)

-50g Egg Yolk

-65g Couverture white Succession 31%

-4g Gelatine

-20g Cold water

-40g Lemon juice


1. Infuse the zests and the vanilla bean for 20mn covered.

2. Filter, make an custard, add the hydrated gelatine, the Couverture white Succession 31%, stir with the lemon juice.

3. Keep in the refrigerator.

Raspberry coulis


– 380g Raspberry puree

– 280g Water

-60g Glucose

-110g Caster sugar

-12g Pectine

-10g Lemon juice


1. Heat up together the water, the puree and the glucose at 40 °C

2. Add the sugar, pectine and bring to a boil for 2mn then combine with the lemon juice.

3. Spray directly on the frozen spheres.

Mounting and finishing

For the spheres

Fill the spheres (6cm diameter) with light agrume mousse. Push in the insert by turning to line the walls of each sphere, Freeze. Unmould, glaze with the white chocolate glaze, reserve in the freezer.
Ice the raspberry spheres to be sprayed with a spray gun before dressing the plate.
In the centre of a large white plate, place the star chablon, garnish it with fragrant creamy, then smooth before removing the chablon.
Place the reconstituted shortbread in the center of the star, place the unfrozen ice ball and then glue the ring to the top.
Place the raspberry coulis in dots around the star, serve immediately.


For the ring

Using a decorative comb, spread the couverture 68% succession on a small baking sheet, let it crystallize slightly and then bring the first end back on the second to form a loop, let it crystallize completely.
Make a small 1 cm diameter straw in almond paste at 50%.
Cut small pieces of about 7 mm, incise the center with a knife to place the loop in the center.