Le Chalet

le 01 novembre 2020 - Recetas



– 70 g Butter

– 70 g Brown sugar

– 70 g Almond powder

– 70 g Flour


1.  Mix in the order and sift.

2.  Keep in the fridge until cold and cook at 150°.
3.  Let the mixture cool down.

Crisp (1100g square)


-280 g Couverture dark 72% Succession

– 50 g Butter

– 300 g Hazelnut praline Cemoi

– 110g Hazelnut paste

– 340g Cooked streusel

– 110g Pieces of broken gavotte


1. Warm the chocolate couverture at 50°, add the butter, the hazelnut paste, the praline and stir together before adding the streusel and the feuilletine.

2. Spread on the paper sheet and add right away a paper of chocolate biscuit.

Chocolate biscuit (Two papers)


-640g Almond paste 50%

– 125 g Caster sugar

– 730g Whole egg

– 130g Flour

– 8g Baking powder

– 190g Butter

– 160g Cacao Paste Ivorian Coast


1. Soften the almond paste with the sugar and slowly add the eggs.

2. Beat with a whisk.

3. Combine the sifted powders and the melted butter with the cacao paste.

4.Spread on a baking sheet and cook at 190°C.

Chocolate cremeux (1700 g)


– 600g Fluid cream

– 400g Whole milk

– 260g Egg yolk

– 320g Couverture dark Succession 72%

– 280g Couverture milk Succession 38%


1. Cook like a custard the cream, the milk, the yolk.

 2. Sift onto the chocolate couverture and stir.



–  90g Egg white

– 70 g Inverted sugar

– 100 g Glucose


1.Warm all the ingredients at 45°C and beat with a whisk.

Hazelnut mousse


– 415g Cream

– 18g Gelatin powder

– 90 g Cold water

– 145g Hazelnut paste

– 190g Couverture milk Succession 38%

– 220gMeringue

– 780g Whipped cream


1. Bring to a boil half of the cream, add the hydrated gelatin, the couverture milk, the hazelnut paste, mix and let cool until the mixture is at room temperature.

2. Combine the Italian meringue, the whipped cream. Use right away.

Mounting and finishing

For the insert

Put a baking sheet at the bottom of the rectangle moulding ; spread the crisp, press the first layer of the chocolate biscuit on top with a spatula. Cover with the chocolate cremeux and add the second chocolate biscuit.
Smoothen with some of the hazelnut mousse and put in the freezer.
With a spatula, spread the remaining of the hazelnut mousse on top.
Glaze or spray a mix of chocolate couverture and cocoa butter evenly all over.
Cut in slices and place the Chocolate Chalet.

For the Chalet

Make three shafts, one for the roof, one for the front and back, one for the side.
Spread the crystallized cover on a baking sheet.
When the crystallization is initiated, cut out, using the shackles, 2 pieces for the roof, 1 piece for the side, two pieces for the front and the back of the Chalet. Cut out the door and window in the front. Allow to crystallize completely.
Glue the side with the front and back of the Chalet with the crystallized cover then the 2 parts of the roof. Spray the Chalet with a mixture of chocolate cover and cocoa butter (equal proportions)
Sprinkle with icing sugar for a snowy effect.
The Chalet can be made of 72% dark chocolate or milk chocolate.
Slide the entremets by the side that remains open.